Lady Gail Darcy Carrington, our 50 year animal advocate.

Our Team - History

Since 2013 we started educating Ministers, teachers, farmers, activists and even people in many public places on almost a daily basis. First in the USA, later in India, Nepal and recently in Thailand. Now with more dedicated people joining our team, we work on the vision to protect the planet, by many called Mother Earth, for future generations. How can we realize that? Please take a few minutes and read our following solutions.

Solutions: A Primarily Plant-Based Diet And...


Our main focus right now is to stop CLIMATE CHANGE by educating people, mostly students. We are visiting schools, colleges and universities (Photo - University students in Chiang Mai, Thailand) to inform about the consequences of meat consumption for all of us. We educate with lectures, banners, vegan food samples and recipes. We encourage them to move to a more PLANT-BASED DIET.


...Reversing desertification of Farmland, forests and grasslands around the globe


We also work with cooperating farmers and government officials to get cows off streets.

Many animal and planet lovers wants our vision of gau charan shala to be fullfilled, cows moving in a happy mob from 1 farmer to another each day or 2 so the farmers get around $1,000 for their crop, if the farmers land has around 2 acres of crops growing.  Each farmer gets free organic fertilizer from the cows. Cows get to eat healthy and fresh food, not remanents of trash in plastic bags that cause this will also stop animal accidents and fights o er cows. 

 need for farmers with 5 acre lands or more who will let us place cows on their lands temporarily to both benifit the farmers and to solve the street cow problems. Continually moving from one place or farm to another is the best transparent solution for every animal and the earth, to help stop climate change, street animal accidents, kindness and exercise for animals  organic fertilizer and much more. We have a system that will work, so please contact us.

 Allan Savory - Please Watch this amazing Video

Convincing 100's of thousands of students to recycle/ go veg

Check out this great video, though you can tell our budget is for school plant-based diet education and veg food samples, rubber gloves, not for video professionals. Please enjoy the small mistakes. 

Giving programs in 2000 schools in the next 4 months is our current goal. International educators welcome with free accomodations. Please contact us now or join us on the ground.